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Speak Up Youth!Featured Stories

Read first-hand accounts of how environmental education experiences help to address some of the most critical issues of the 21st Century, from addressing food security to bridging the achievement gap to tackling the obesity crisis.

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Produce to the People

HE UNITED STATES MAY BE THE LAND OF PLENTY, but in many parts of the country–particularly the low-income neighborhoods–fresh fruits and vegetables are hard-to-find luxury items. Grocery chains resist opening stores where sales of high-markup gourmet products can’t be guaranteed, and they often close existing supermarkets in poor areas. For …

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Dirty and Messy

When my teacher Eric Magers first told me that we would be wearing the trash we produced during the height of prom-asking season, I was more than dubious. What would this program do for us other than ruin our social standings and personal hygiene? After one day, however, I realized that this program was my most important environmental endeavor yet.

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We Seek to Grow, We Seek to Blossom

I’m proud to represent a generation that seeks to change, and I am proud to help lead a movement surrounded by the bright minds of thousands of young adults across the nation. I was proud to be a part of the Alliance for Climate Education, a group of people who sees that empowering and educating youth is one of the most effective ways make an impact.

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Starting Lonely, Growing Boldly

At the 2014 GSNN Conference I learned how to lead peers who didn’t care about the environment to see the light of protecting our world! I learned how to establish corporate, and organizational connections with companies and groups dedicated to helping our world, and best of all, I met eco-minded peers who had done what I couldn’t do at my school, and were willing to share their tips!

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