Create It! Use our writing prompts to create an exciting story reflecting upon why their experience was so meaningful.


Share It! Share the most impactful student stories with a wider audience, from the Nature’s Voices website and beyond.




Use the lesson plans below to guide students in writing a narrative essay that reflects upon their memorable environmental education project or field trip. Their narrative can describe an “a-ha” moment that helps readers to understand the value of this experience. These writing projects satisfy Common Core standards (grades K-5  and 6-12) for narrative writing that includes details, event sequences, writing and editing processes, and publishing stories with others. Please note that Nature’s Voices submissions do not have to be confined to writing! We encourage videos, photos with short quotes and other creative arts submissions as well!

K-2 Lesson Plan:                            K-2 Lesson Plan                          Writing Prompt_K-2

Grades 3-5 Lesson Plan:            3-5 Lesson Plan                          Writing Prompt_3-5

Grades 6-12 Lesson Plan:           6_12 Lesson Plan                        6-12 Narrative

Once your students have written their inspirational stories, please submit them here.